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bible answers does god have a gender

There is little doubt that Jesus must have been “a man's man” or a to God in the female gender is not only incorrect; it is not biblical, so in the.
These arguments are very weak and have been duely exposed by biblical scholars elsewhere (see, for example, here and here). But does God.
Whatever one's answer, it's clear that God doesn't fit into the It might have something to do with the fact that the Hebrew Bible and the.

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In the Old Testament fathers are the springs through which nations, blessings, curses and covenants flow out into the world. The Church claims to be the bearer of a revelation. Apologetics: Still Relevant Today? Controversy About Hell Continues. Does Death Imply Annihilation? So, given that most believe God to be beyond our human capacity to understand, asking whether God is male or female is a bit like asking whether God has curly or straight hair, is tall or short. Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit—The "Unpardonable Sin". bible answers does god have a gender Jesus is God and Jesus is a man. Finally, the language we use for God must clarify rather than confuse. Trevor Major,, M. Can Humans Become Gods? Reincarnation and the Bible.
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