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boating forum best jig saw blade cutting king starboard.

I have a 3/4" thick piece of king starboard that I need to cut round, outside corners into. How many tooth per inch jig saw blade should I use? Where to buy HDPE (King Starboard).
I use a specialized jig with a fence to make. (2) Best way to attach UMHW strips to mahogany rub strakes? . I've cut it with a tablesaw blade for ripping, bandsaw blade (3-5 tpi), .. Made numerous trim pieces and fiddle/ keeper rails for one of my boats using King Starboard (a high-density polyethylene).
I need to cut a piece of Starboard. Jig saw leaves a jagged cut and can melt. circular saw works best, you may have to file the edges to smooth Here is a link to the King Starboard pamphlet, "Working with Starboard". At least, on my boat. I've cut it with my table saw with a fine tooth plywood blade.

Boating forum best jig saw blade cutting king starboard. - gutt

I'll wait till I've cut and tried the parts to fine tune the measurements. Add General Classified Listing. Dual Jib Furlers - Why Not? They glue it on but use a torch flame on the surface to get the glue to adhere. The Reef Chemistry Forum.
Saltwater Enthusiasts Association of the Bay Area. Thanks in advance for any information. To advertise, take a look at WoodenBoat Advertisingor use your Google Adwords account if you want to advertise on the Forum. Considering the weather, you may have had an installation issue rather than an actual material failure. Which makes it leak even worse. boating forum best jig saw blade cutting king starboard. How to Choose a Jigsaw Blade - Preventing Blade Wander
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