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Describes the problem that occurs when you open or make a reference to a linked table in Access. You may receive the "Couldn't find input table or query.
Describes how to create a system DSN. Use VBA in Access to call the SQLConfigDataSource function.
Explains the "Ambiguous Name Detected" error message that may occur when you are running a procedure. You can delete the unwanted duplicate procedures.

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Note:  When you remove a password from a database, you can restore it at any time or replace it with another password by repeating the steps in Encrypt a database by using a password , earlier in this article. Gratis nedlastinger og sikkerhet. On the File tab, click Info , and then click Decrypt Database. After you relink the tables, encrypt the front-end database by using the steps provided in the section Encrypt a database by using a password. See Create an Access app for more information. You cannot remove a database password if you do not know the password. Microsoft Film og TV. After you encrypt the back-end database, you relink to its tables. The following figure depicts the menu. Store the passwords that you write down in a secure place away from the information that they help protect. Spill for Windows phone. Søk etter en løsningsleverandør.
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