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ADT Actual Departure Time; Automatic Data Transmission AIM Auto Image Management; Active AIS- V VT Alarm Indication Signal ARP Address Resolution Protocol .. EMEA Europe, Middle East and Asia FF Fast Forward FSAN Full Services Access Network FS -P Forced Switch - Protection.
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Das:: Dashboard:: Daslight:: DATA :: Datenkabel:: Dateq:: DAVE:: DAWs . Feststellschraube:: Feststellwinkel:: FET:: FEX:: FF :: FFX:: FG:: FGN FTL:: FTP:: Fuchsgras:: Führungen:: für:: Füße:: Full :: Fullrange:: Fun . iLok:: iLoud:: iLT:: im:: Image :: Imagespot:: Immergrün:: Impact:: Impala.

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CLP Cell Loss Priority. JDK Java Development Kit. Crude oil came into today's session ripe for a bounce-back performance after plunging in response to Wednesday's bearish EIA inventory report. ODF Optical Distribution Frame. AIS-L Alarm Indication Signal - Line.
HDT Host Digital Terminal. DCMS Digital Circuit Multiplication System. MPT Ministry of Posts. ISA Industry Standard Architecture. BELLCORE BELL Communications Research, Inc.
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