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If your blood type is AB, you are a universal donor for plasma. AB is the most in- demand type of plasma, as it can be received by anyone of any blood type.
Donation of 'whole blood' is the most common type of blood donation, but there are a few other types of blood donation. Learn more about blood types. ‎ Power Red · ‎ Autologous and Directed · ‎ Plasma Donation.
Yes, all blood types, including A, B, AB, and O types can donate plasma without getting rejected. Blood types are blood types, and not plasma.
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Information for Patients Stem Cell Registration Events Men Give Life Becoming a Volunteer Volunteer Recognition Learning to Save Lives. Plasma is the liquid part of blood which provides volume and includes important clotting factors and proteins. Power Red is done with the help of an apheresis machine which collects the red cells but returns most of the plasma and platelets to the donor. And common blood types, like type O blood, make the same amount donating as rare blood types. Submit a Video or Story.
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