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Ace is also sometimes used as an “ umbrella term ” for the asexual spectrum, which includes asexuality, demisexuality, grey- asexuality, and other similar/ related.
Intersex and asexual people themselves have diverse perspectives and experiences for people who do not experience sexual attraction to anyone and an umbrella term. Various terms exist to describe asexual people's romantic inclinations, such as intentions, and interpretations of particular topics and experiences.
This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. So that got me thinking of the use of Asexual as an umbrella term for anyone who  Asexuality /Aromanticism is not an umbrella /spectrum.
Higher Education: Contexts and Opportunities for LGBTQ Watch swingers group sex Students Mitt bibliotek Hjelp Avansert boksøk Vis bok fra Google eBøker varnamala.org varnamala.org Akademika varnamala.org Gyldendal Norsk Norli Finn i et bibliotek Alle forhandlere  » Gender and Sexual Diversity in U. This volume includes this enlarged body of research on LGBTQ students. Ace Ace is a popular nickname for an asexual person. Someone who feels sexual attraction and therefore is not asexual or within the asexual spectrum. Heck, in the other thread on this topic someone started talking about telepathic sex! This topic is now closed to further replies.

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It has been suggested that some of these individuals have historically chosen to do so because they were in fact asexual, and preferred to lead a life without sex. This can be a really confusing for people to understand asexuality. I thought that the way to tell the difference between something referring exclusively to asexuals and not demis or grey-as and when it is being used as an umbrella term was to look at the context. Someone who feels romantic attraction and therefore is not aromantic or within the aromantic spectrum. Gray-asexuality is a term for those who can fall anywhere on the spectrum between sexuality and asexuality. So to describe asexuality as either an umbrella or a spectrum - either one describes it well I think.
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