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Configure FCKEditor Edit \ fckeditor \varnamala.org Uncomment the line Code: \\ varnamala.org(//g) ; // PHP style server side.
Upload. The third bookmark is the " Upload " section: Image: Image_upload.png. Upload: specifies the location of the image file on your.
/modules/ fckeditor / fckeditor /editor/filemanager/ upload /php/varnamala.org . the fckeditorconfig.js to activate the flash, image etc. for FCKeditor.

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Thanks, this worked for me too. Have a good day,. Sometimes this might have undesirable side-effects. You can fiddle with this example at the varnamala.org site. Extract the downloaded plugin. These settings affect TinyMCE's image and file upload capabilities. Possible Values: truefalse This option allows you to specify a function that will be used to replace TinyMCE's default JavaScript upload handler function with custom logic. To enable the file browser you need to edit the connector configuration file in. The varnamala.org file says to:. Please head to StackOverflow for support. This function is executed each time a user clicks on the "browse" buttons in various dialogs. Integrate Enhanced Media Embed Server.
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