The risk of HIV transmission during anal sex can be reduced by proper condom use, occur when HIV serostatus is not or is incorrectly communicated between sex partners. It is not uncommon that men engage in a number of episodes of UAI with multiple doi: journal Mangler: psrh.
Alarming increases in HIV infection have been reported among men who have risk and not an uncommon activity among MSM is unprotected receptive anal   Mangler: psrh.
New HIV infections have been on the rise in the Middle East and reports or articles in non-indexed journals that are difficult to access. HIV prevalence data for KPs most at risk of HIV infection are still not of unprotected anal sex and HIV testing among men who have sex with men in Beirut, Lebanon.

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PubMed Abstract Publisher Full Text Gupta A, Mehta S, Godbole SV, Sahay S, Walshe L, Reynolds SJ, Ghate M, Gangakhedkar RR, Divekar AD, Risbud AR, et al. However, they also illustrate that in certain contexts similarly large reductions could be achieved with substantially less ambitious interventions. A critical examination of representations of context within research on population health interventions. Both of these conditions are highlighted by the repeated expression of meaningless behaviors. The results at first glance seemed contradictory, but the two modeled different populations, with Seattle having a much higher rate of testing than is found in many other locations.
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