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mantras for specific purpose .

Om Aaham Veshwanye Bhootva Praneenam Dahmakshiet Pranapam Samyuktam Pchamyananm Chaturvidham. For Good Health Mantras for.
Mantra for specific dease control. Om Aadesh Guru Ko Kali The pregnant woman should chant th mantra for 108 times a day. .. Mantras for specific purposes.
By chanting a mantra, one can protect oneself or achieve a specific goal. we come across various mantras that are suggested for some specific purpose. mantras for specific purpose . Extremely Powerful Narayan Kavach श्री नारायण कवच Comprising forty-six provinces, numerous forests with nine major ones and twenty-four major rivers. Om shrim hrim klim aim Indrakshyai namah. Reciting or listening to them daily is considered highly auspicious. So think and calculate carefully use a calculator please! All round Pleasure giving Mantra. To confer sacred karma to ten past and ten future and thus twenty-one generations.
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