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Read the latest opinions, commentary, op-ed articles, news analysis and discussions on varnamala.org CNN readers vote for meat as a 'climate villain'.
US leads the world in science -- and must invest to stay there (Commentary. US leads the world in science -- and must invest to stay there (Commentary).
Opinion from the Los Angeles Daily News including commentary on community issues, editorials, endorsements, letters to the editor and editorial cartoons. The Third Presidential Debate: Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump (Full Debate)

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Syria crisis: what world should do By Frida Ghitis Why can't America have high-speed trains? Texan of the Year. Sutter, CNN Before I launch into the argument for making all restrooms in the United States gender neutral -- that is, removing "men's" and "women's" labels -- I want to show you a photo. Wake up, Idaho voters. By Laurie Garrett Global health expert Laurie Garrett evaluates the very real risk that Zika, like HIV or Ebola, will become widespread as a sexually transmitted disease The real terror threat in America is homegrown By Peter Bergen, CNN National Security Analyst Your son needs to read rape victim's letter By Mel Robbins, CNN Commentator 'We need a restroom revolution' By John D. By Jeffrey Toobin, CNN In removing reference to religion, the second version of Trump's executive order on travel from six Muslim-majority countries may pass Constitutional muster, but expect challenges. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. opinion readers opinion guest commentary article.

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Our real life spy thriller: David Ignatius. Cherie Clodfelter left her students with the most important thing: Hope.. David Axelrod: I woke up this morning as an alternative fact By David Axelrod, CNN Senior Political Commentator Contrary to what Sean Spicer said, former Obama adviser says he and Robert Gibbs did not regularly attend the most sensitive National Security Council meetings. Political Op-eds   Trump's war on reality is truly baffling By Nic Robertson, CNN Donald Trump's early warmth towards President Putin is coming back to haunt him. I commend the responsible people for making it happen.
Xcel is not perfect, but they are highly regulated by both the Colorado Public Utilities Commission PUC and the Colorado Office of Consumer Council OCC. Why the Republican plan is channels new black gays . worse than Obamacare Commentary Why the Republican plan is even worse than Obamacare Commentary. Why Trumpcare is an unmitigated disaster for Americans, and especially so for Californians. It's time for a Watergate-style select committee on Russiagate Neil Gorsuch is exactly the kind of Supreme Court justice we need Betsy DeVos has a lot of work to do on charter schools Axelrod: Trump's promises face buzzsaw of reality The real story behind Uber CEO's woes Trump's condemnation of hate violence didn't go nearly far enough The ridiculous gushing over Trump's speech Trump's cruel bait-and-switch on immigration Trump's huge challenge to the tea party Melania and Ivanka's plastic feminism cover up Trump's misogyny Healthcare: it's complicated, but fixable - here's how Is Trump on right side of transgender issue? You can change the location at any time. A brief history of gay marriage Sally Kohn explores the history of opinion readers opinion guest commentary article. marriage from Plato to today.
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