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The Irish American Celtic punk band Flogging Molly uses the "Ring a ring a rosey" in the song " The Rare Ould Times ". I also believe the intro should mention that the plague interpretation is false. Wouldn't it then be a potpourri bottle? I could say the same about the German Greek and Italian versions, but the article mentions that similar versions exist throughout Europe, making it seem less like the proverbial sore thumb. The article relies to heavily on the snopes reference. Help About Wikipedia Community portal Recent changes Contact page. A ring—a ring of roses. production ring around the rose Second, there are no other historic oral-tradition alternatives to it, unlike several others rhymes where there is a tradition of multiple applications. Several characters who are mentioned in the rhyme, as well as a person who appears to have the plague, appear as ghosts. We all jump up. My insurer is not listed. Urban Legends Reference Pages. Find this Kidsongs Song on These Products.
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