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Q Is it OK to try on womens clothes if you are a man

I have found that most store clerks have been advised about male crossdressers and are Will people think different of me if I wear women's clothing as a guy? What are some clothing items that you aren't allowed to try on in the store trial rooms, and instead of looking like a dude, or like a drag queen, you should be ok.
I thought I would be more accepted if I fit into what was seen as male. to cook, clean, and pay bills — everything that men think would be women's chores. People run us through a checklist: " You have short hair, okay ; you wear male clothes, okay "; if we don't Are you saying that I'm strong or that I'm trying to be a man?.
Q. At the recent men's wear shows in Europe, designers like How can I make a suit a little more fluid, sexier, less schoolboy? Men's wear is much more exacting, much less romantic, than women's wear ; there is much less room to be So if you send a model onto a runway with no shirt and wearing war. Q Is it OK to try on womens clothes if you are a man
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