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/ r /space is dedicated to the insightful and thoughtful discussion of outer space . Jeg har desværre ikke øl i rummet, men jeg har hørt at der bliver lanceret en special øl i .. varnamala.org r / Denmark / comments.
SIX YEARS TRAINING FOR TEN WORKDAYS IN SPACE It has been six years since Andreas was picked as one of ESA's six new astronauts. After years of.
The pulsating blue jet from the top of the northern cloud. Frame 1 is the first of the time sequence. It serves as a reference frame to illustrate the.
So my questions are:. NASA content may also be rehosted with a link to the original in the comments. Do you agree with affixing personal religious discoveries to the exploits of science and engineering? I have some questions for you. Everything must be tested and certified before we can send it to the ISS. Held og lykke med missionen, håber det kommer til at gå godt! One of the reasons that I wanted to bring some special Danish food was to break the monotony for the guys on board the ISS, especially Scott and Mikhail who are up there for an entire year.
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