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slang military slang sayings.

Starting as early as correspondents began reporting and discussing military slang in the pages of American Speech, the journal of the.
Former Coldstream Guards Captain Mark Evans explains the colourful slang developed and shared by the men and women who defend Britain.
Looking for some military slang sayings? The armed services have long been a hotbed of extremely creative language coining. CENSOR GUESSES MILITARY PHRASES!

Slang military slang sayings. - gir deg

Air Force When flight lead needs the wingman to do something unplanned or that has not been briefed, but the wingman magically does it before he is told to. Sweep or Search and Destroy. From the shipboard terminology for the means of entering or exiting the compartment of a ship. Refers to the anus and a frightening situation.. Canada "Mo", slang from Militia. Navy A Usually derogatory reference to a crew member who shows an outward eagerness to be at sea, in the Navy, etc.
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