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Why not bring Broadway to South Park? Bob: Huh? Randy: [gets up and walks off a bit] Think about it, brah. How hard can writing a musical be? We need some.
I know that this might come as a shock to some of you out there, but I don 't know the slightest thing about musicals. I've never been to a.
One fan didn't just disagree with TV Fanatic's take on this week's South Park episode. He submitted this review to explain why.

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Some left unnecessarily cruel and vulgar comments on the write-up, while others replied in a more constructive manner. Jeff Bridges honors John Goodman by bringing back The Dude. But his show, "Splooge Drenched Blow Job Queen", violates the cardinal rule of Broadway. The scenes rely on a lot of sight gags and the pure absurdity of ideas like having Elton John in a Red Wings jersey while eating wings at Hooters honestly, as a fan of both the Red Wings and Hooters, I'd pay good money to see this in person. [Shelly begins to sob softly] [looks in, then opens the door some more and enters] Shelly, I'm sorry your little friend was killed by Spider-Man tonight. Oh, it'll happen, don't worry. south park recap broadway bro down The Death of Eric Cartman

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Jerkass Has a Point : The Broadway bros' criticism of Randy's show is perfectly valid. The fat kid is quite afraid and is crying] [At the other end of the pool are Coach Randy and his coworkers, and Stephen Stotch] She started in the car, and then it lasted the whole drive home, and then, she kept going for like another twenty minutes. [leaves the auditorium] [a bar in the theater. I've got them all stuck in my head. Frat Bro : Elton John , Andrew Lloyd Webber , Stephen Sondheim , and Stephen Schwartz are all actually beer-chugging, football-watching, wing-eating bros who create Broadway shows in order to help other men get sex. I know what I'd like to do with my time. Buy Movie and TV Show DVDs. Community Showcase Explore More. I want to be covered in semen on a bed in the Hotel Jerome. Other Sign in options. During the collaboration, the duo offered Lopez a chance to come to their studio to create an episode with them and workshop ideas. Use the HTML .