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This repository contains. NET Documentation. https:// docs rolandkopka committed with mairaw Update a link * Update a link.
Tier 1, raw data services:¶. Platform Service manages devices, gets vehicle information, and monitors transactions. Telemetry Service delivers time-series.
The RIPE Document Store contains all published RIPE Documents. RIPE Documents include policies, reports or recommendations from RIPE Working Groups.

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Resource Transfers and Mergers. Report Card for a Trip. More information about our cookies can be found in our  privacy policy. Create an Odometer Trigger. Analyses and Use Cases. We anticipate that Xamarin , Mono and Unity will also use this documentation. NET Foundation Code of Conduct.

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Learn about the web platform. Stay informed about everything Internet-related, from RIPE Policy and RIPE NCC member information to RIPE Labs blog posts and the latest Internet news. Report Card for a Trip. The smooth running of the Internet depends on the involvement of those who give their input on membership and policy issues. Information for Law Enforcement Agencies. Get all Subscriptions for a Device. Write and debug your games using your game engine of choice with Visual.
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