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However, you can also have your book translated into multiple languages. Norwegian ; Nynorsk Norwegian ; Portuguese; Provençal; Romansh; Scots . Check out their FAQ page for authors as well as their royalties page.
HIV information translated into Norwegian. Translated from the original English booklet HIV & women. Last updated: November Other languages.
They are translated in several languages: English, Afrikaans, Danish, Dutch Finnish, too - looking at that page, people must think we norwegians are religious fanatics! . Besides Duolingo I read a nice German children's book about a circus. And if it is your first time using Elance, I think you will find my video helpful as I will share how it works and a few tips I learned. Transn IOL Technology Co. It serves as more of a paraphrase of the Bible than as a strict translation. A flat fee would require more from you upfront whereas split royalties is easier to do when you have a tight budget. In my research, I did not find much information about the most popular languages to publish in translations norwegian Booklets page Kindle, but I did see someone say that Spanish and German seem to be on the top of the list after English. This version was used as the basis for later printings, and was the dominant translation in Norway until the purely Norwegian translations were .

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Shelley Hitz recently posted… How to Increase Blog Traffic by Repurposing Content. These books "fell out" of canon during the Reformation , but are still held high by most Protestant churches. How to Translate Your Book. A combined emphasis on fluency of the language employed and a translation close to the original texts yielded a result which is considered very good. Then, she will send you. Harry Potter and the translator's nightmare - Vox translations norwegian Booklets page
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