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Waiting for Godot Part.

Based on the play " Waiting for Godot " by Samuel Beckett. Summary: Two men, Vladimir and Estragon, meet.
ESTRAGON: Pozzo and Lucky? VLADIMIR: He's forgotten everything! ESTRAGON: I remember a lunatic who kicked the shins off me. Then he played the fool.
On! (Crack of whip. Pozzo appears. They cross the stage. Lucky passes before Vladimir and Estragon and exit. Pozzo at the sight of Vladimir and Estragon stops.
Waiting for Godot Part. The tree's sudden leaves further disrupt Vladimir's sense of time, seemingly contradicting the natural cycle of the seasons. Estragon leaves only Waiting for Godot Part. immediately return panting. He is content to stay in this disoriented state, whereas Vladimir struggles to establish a stable chronology of events. Humanity, Companionship, Suffering, and Dignity. Vladimir, meanwhile, tries to figure out if this Pozzo is the same Pozzo he met yesterday.
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