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watch you want to fuck me for awhile

The song "Its Been A While " by Staind with the lyrics on screen or below in the description if you prefer.
She tried to turn over and face me, but I gently resisted her. ' You have something for me?' she said. I raised my '1 want to watch you fuck me.' 'In time.' I pulled.
And your mama love me, little sister hugs me. Even got a few homegirls that wanna fuck me. Soon as this. watch you want to fuck me for awhile

Watch you want to fuck me for awhile - dette

Got it parked at the Shell in front of all of the Crips. I just treat with the sand on the beach. Take your two, take your hat. When you're the reason that every single girl in the party. Gotta push the pedal in that hood. That's for the slow creep. High off the life and she can't get a grip. Like my women heightened and not even trying. These bad hoes is gruntin', their booties is pokin'. And just let them titties dit liv problemer kun kvinder med briller forstar. Exploration is to follow. Big feet on the bottom of a Chevrolet. Get to see you child and live. Lift her up high up like helicopter far away from her fellow.
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