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Chinese. Cantonese, Mandarin lingo, swear words glossaries, curses, dirty insults, bad language. Wikipedia: Mandarin Chinese Profanity (in English).
The Chinese language involves a number of spoken exclamative words and written the same structure as other Chinese words (for example, words in Mandarin Chinese end only end in -n, -ng, -r or a vowel). . (Note: Beijing slang used)).
For profanities in Mandarin Chinese, see Mandarin Chinese profanity. The five most common Cantonese profanities, vulgar words in the Cantonese language are diu . Cantonese slang · Hong Kong Cantonese · Mandarin Chinese profanity.

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Pinyin Learn Chinese faster with MDBG! Policies and guidelines Contact us. Literally the term means "one having same aspirations," and was transferred from the arena of political allegiances to the realm of sexual alliances. So the "wang ba" is the woman who has lost her virtue, and the "wang ba dan" is the progeny of such the woman, the turtle product, but, figuratively, also the penis product. A: This movie is so romantic. Chinese Slang Dictionary The Chinese language is filled with. Reading room Community portal Bulletin Board Help out! wiki Chinese (Mandarin) Slang Other Mandarin insults accuse people of not being human. Retrieved from " varnamala.org? Not logged in Talk Contributions Create account Log in. Based on regular sound change rules, we would expect the word for bird in Mandarin to be pronounced diǎowiki Chinese (Mandarin) Slang Mandarin dialects' pronunciation of the word for bird evolved to an alveolar nasal initial, likely as the means of taboo avoidance, giving contemporary niǎo while most dialects in the south retain the Middle Chinese alveolar stop initial and the homophony or near homophony of ase words. Surfing for Slang: the World's Cool Slang Link Bank. The mocking tone may not be very serious. As a result, crabs are sometimes intentionally linked with other words such as stinking and water to achieve some vagina-related humorous effects. Native Noises (varnamala.org Tian) [w/Eng Subs]
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