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wiki Superman (Clark Kent)

The limited series Superman: Secret Origin big part of Clark Kent's history is being reintroduced as well.
Clark Kent is Superman's secret identity. Clark Kent's name is a combination of the names of.
Superman Returns er en amerikansk spillefilm basert på figuren og superhelten Supermann. Rollen som Supermann/ Clark Kent spilles av Brandon Routh. wiki Superman (Clark Kent)
Superman also learns that the Cyborg is really Hank Henshaw, who was so desperate for revenge against Superman that he decided he would assume his identity and have the universe blame Superman when Earth was destroyed. Suddenly, Dr Light loses control of his powers and begins absorbing Superman's solar energy, unleashing an energy beam at Wonder Woman. Superman demands to know what exactly Luthor gains by working with Brainiac, but the villains are resolute in maintaining their objectives secret. No no bc herre strikk, upon getting hold of the baby, takes him to the Fortress of Solitude for some testing. During the battle, the truth of his recent behavior is made clear - he has wiki Superman (Clark Kent) manipulated by Dominus all along!
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