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Scuttle. I note the term "back scuttle" is an old fashioned description of anal sex and presumably has its origins in the naval use of the word. I can't find a reliable.
Blank Space in Arabic & English Text for Anus [edit]. Blank Space in Arabic & English Text with Hello fellow Wikipedians,. I have just added archive links to 3 external links on Islamic views on anal sex. Please take a moment to review my edit.
Structure of Article. I really think that the current structure of the first half of the article is a problem. Sectioning the article as Heterosexual/Homosexual is.

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I do understand the point-of-view that it can be seen as a joke though humor was not my intention. Get your butt on a real horse and then see what kind of opinion you have even being a man you will feel no pleasure in your groin and you won't be humping the saddle unless your really crappy at riding. I just wanted to make clear what I was complaining about. If the argument of the vestigial orgasm is wrong, then it should be refuted with evidence, not accusations of discriminiation. Yes, I can well imagine the topic of anal intercourse - as many other sexual topics here on the encyclopedia is not one you'd care to discuss in great detail with your mother. It does not represent dualistic mutual sexuality as much as it does a concept of male perpetration. Whether the hypothesis is true or not, sexism is not a valid defence against it. You want me to discuss your edit? There are several draft proposals on the table, but we could use more voices in the discussion. English Not logged in Talk Contributions Create account Log in. The problem is what you perceived as my intent. wiki Talk:Anal sex Archive
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